Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Day & Boxing Day 2010

We had an early start to Christmas Day this year. Zane & Lily both woke at 2.30 am and proceeded to have a conversation about whether they could look out the window and see Santa, Lily decided she was not brave enough to peek out!! Shortly after this they both came into our room to see if Santa had been and whether it was time to get up? No! They repeated this about 3 times before I got them both to hop into bed with us but Zane barely slept and at 5.30 he was keen to open up some presents! This entailed waking Lily who had finally gotten to sleep so she was not too happy, but once she realised Santa had been she was very excited!! Both were very spoilt, though Zane did receive one potato for being naughty...unfortunately it didn't have the desired effect as he is super proud to have it and calls it his special potato!

They were pretty excited about their presents, in particular some Toy Story characters they really wanted. Zane with Woody - he jumped around the lounge room when he got him!

Lily opening Bullseye and a Zhu Zhu:

We went to my SIL's place for Christmas lunch, which was delicious! Unfortunately the kids grandparents couldn't come due to illness and their great Aunt & Uncle also couldn't make it as Aunty June had broken her arm the day before. We were meant to then go to my sisters place in the afternoon, but my poor little niece Scarlett was in hospital with a virus. Fortunately she is only 18 months old so didn't realise she was missing Christmas and she was let out late that afternoon on a pass - so she could go straight back to the kiddies ward if she got worse. She was on the mend so we celebrated Christmas with my side of the family on Boxing Day. I took a lot more photos this day:

My babies:

Family shot - unfortunately Miss Lily must of been moving as she is a bit blurry - hoping PS will help a bit with that as this is the only photo of the 4 of us.

And my nephew Oscar in his Buzz Lighyear outfit we got him for Christmas. Isn't he cute - to infinity & beyond!

All in all it was a lovely two days of celebrating Christmas, and we get to do it again in mid January with the IL's when they are able to see us again!


Dec 20, 21, 22, 23 & 24

Lots of catching up on some December Daily photos:

Dec 20th was Zane & Lilys last day of preschool - Zane's last day forever, and I cried when I picked him up, he of course couldn't of cared less. I got the last of the Christmas shopping done while they were there. This is their portfolios and DVD/CD of photos of their year at preschool:

Dec 21 - Chores and other fun stuff today, but I did make a start on the wrapping of gifts, I ran out of paper wrapping the santa presents yesterday and didn't want to run out again!

Dec 22 - We had a lovely morning at Crazy Maze today with some of the kids from our Mothers group. Even though we didn't go to playgroup this year because of gymnastics you both had no trouble fitting back in. Zane was getting very cozy with Jada, she will be in his class next year, should be interesting... Cathy & Calle visited us for dinner and we exchanged Christmas presents. Lots of chocolate from Sweden and gorgeous & generous gifts! The kids loved their go go cars!

Dec 23 - Craigs Birthday! We all went to my sisters house for BIL's birthday this afternoon, after I made a quick trip to my LSS as today was the last day of it being open and I wanted to say good bye. Where will my happy place be now?

Dec 24 - Every Christmas eve we get together with friends for food and a few drinks. This year we had it at a local park, rather than at someones house and did a picnic instead. We barely saw the kids as they played in the playground, nice catch up and we left when it got dark which gave ample time for getting things ready at home for Santas visit. Us girls always get a group photo each year:


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dec 16, 17 , 18 & 19

Very behind on updating my December Daily photos, which means behind on remembering all the details...

December 16 was Lily's last day of dancing and swimming lessons for the year.

December 17. Zane has his last day of swimming lessons. Santa was at the pool but for the first time in his life, Zane was scared of him. Strange, it was a very authentic looking Santa too! But the highlight of the day was most definitely the Bon Jovi concert at the SFS. OMG it was awesome!! Unfortunately Murray got tied up at work and I had to find someone else to go with, thankfully I found a JBJ fan so was all good. It was the best concert and that man just gets better with age...

December 18 - Lily had her end of year presentation for Dancing. All the kinderdance kids did a Christmas dance and got participation trophies. All the kids then had a dance on the stage. Zane was having a ball, I expect to be asked if he can do dancing too next year. That afternoon we went to Mimi's house for her birthday and had a BBQ and the most delicious cake!! On the drive home we had a bit of a drive around to look at Christmas lights, wish Zane and Lily both loved!

Here is Lily getting her trophy and a candy cane, which she is quite fascinated with, even though the first thing she did was give it to Zane to eat:

December 19 we had a stay at home day, needed to recover from so much busyness! Lily decided she wanted to have her toenails painted like me, so of course Zane wanted his done too:

Okay a few more days to go!! Then I might need to start thinking about the album itself!


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

TTDOC - a couple more...

I managed another 2 of the challenges for the 12 days of Christmas at Scrapz

This was Debs challenge to scrap a Christmas layout without using red & green predominantly:

The other was Sherees gift card holders, I always need these for my older neice and nephew:

And I did manage to get all 10 cards done for the preschool teachers:

So I managed 5 out of the 12, would of liked to do a few more, if only I had a few extra hours!!


Saturday, December 18, 2010

I won!

Very excited this week to find out I won the sketch comp over at Inspired Blueprints for November sketch #59!! It is the first time I have played and there were so many gorgeous layouts, very chuffed!


Thursday, December 16, 2010

12 Days of Christmas scrapping

I have barely had time at all to do any scrapping, by the evenings I have been getting so tired! Over at Scrapz they have been running the 12 days of Christmas challenges. Lots of gorgeous work and inspiration, but I have only managed 3 of the challenges so far. Hopefully I will get more done before Sunday when it is all due!

Day 1 - Gift Tags

Day 2 - Teacher Thank you's (I still have another 8 to make)

Day 3 - Bookmark


December 14th & 15th

Tuesday 14th we visited my sister and her two younger ones who were home that day. Lots of playing, but any attempts to get a decent photo were met with resistance... I managed this one of 3 out of the 4 of them all jammed into the little seashell playing in the sand, lots of concentrating going on!

Wednesday was spent doing chores and the like, but we also decorated some Christmas cookies that I bought in a kit from Target. They tasted disgusting and we threw them out, but Zane & Lily at least had fun decorating them! We compensated by going to buy paddle pops after that as we missed out on cookies!!


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December 13th

Zane & Lily's concert for Occasional Care and Zane's preschool graduation on today.

I have mixed emotions about this day, my boy only has 2 more days left, he has been going there for just over 3 years. Next year he will be starting his school journey which is both exciting and a bit scary! A lot of things will be changing next year for us so it will be interesting to see how things have changed by this time next year.

The concert was gorgeous as usual. For the second year in a row Zane played a wise man in the nativity - I think it was the purple cloak that he likes:

All the kids sang some Christmas Carols and did a few little shows. The girls did some dancing, I wish I had caught Lily shimmering as it was very cute & funny, they had someone taping so I will have to buy a copy!

Of course the highlight was seeing Zane in his cap and gown. I had to suppress the tears when they all sang a song about being ready for big school *sob, sob*.

When it was all over I got a few pics with him in his gown, so cute. Lily was not interested in photos...she is on notice that next year she will have to be!

And I think this is my favourite shot of my sweet little boy:


Monday, December 13, 2010

December 11 & December 12

Saturday I put up the last of the Christmas decorations, the nativity, the door wreaths and a few other bits and pieces. It is all out now. I love my Willow Nativity, I bought it for a bargain price a few years ago at Myer, I don't think they were meant to be included in the sale!!

Saturday night I worked my last shift for a while, I have taken leave without pay as Murray has gotten a promotion at work which will see him away from home a bit. The kids were very happy that I wouldn't be going off to work, eventhough it was only part-time, they were always begging me not to go!

Sunday was a bit of a lazy day, recovering from night shift. I was tired and grumpy. Attempted to get the kids to tidy up all their mess, which was not the thing to do while tired and grumpy! I did manage a bit of scrapping in the evening once it was peaceful!! We did find them like this though that night, and they are like it tonight aswell:

They share a room, but obviously are not content with just that anymore and need to be closer! Lily did wake last night and we moved her into Zanes bed, then she woke again after we were in bed and was hysterical that she was not in her own bed and for the first time ever did not want to come into bed with me. WOW she has been sleeping in bed with me for so long, fully till she was 3, then every other night ending up in there and now she doesn't want to... I confess to feeling a bit sad about that...


Saturday, December 11, 2010

December 10

Finally got around to setting up my Lemax Christmas houses. I love these, bought most of them pre-kids and didn't put them up last year, but this year with Zane & Lily being a bit older I thought I would start putting them out again:

Up to date with my December Daily now!

Friday, December 10, 2010

December 9

A regular Thursday for us. Zane went to preschool and Lily had dancing followed by swimming lessons. It is her first term of swimming lessons, she has never been too confident in the water, but got some confidence when we were in Fiji and the swimming lessons are helping a lot. She got her first certificate today, she is a Fry, which is the first level:

Unfortunately Zanes preschool day was cut short by the onset of yet another ear infection. Looks like a visit to an ENT will be on the cards next!


December 8

What a fun morning we had today! We vistited Santa at Westfields and Zane and Lily had their phot taken with him after letting him know what they would like most for Christmas - a Woody Doll for Zane, a Barbie pool and a Jessie Doll for Lily. Then we went visiting the toy sections of the department stores to have a look at the Jessie & Woody dolls, we also saw Lotso and Bullseye who are also on the Christmas Wish List. After bidding them several farewells, we had morning tea of banana bread & a latte for me, a babycino for Lily. Zane didn't want anything. The we went to the "Jungle" play area in Westfield! A bit of shopping in amongst that too. You both very good and saw a few more things to add to the wishlist!!

I love this years Santa Photo, Zane is always so exited and grinning away. Lily is excited but in a quieter way with her shy smile:

This is a scan and a bit blurry!! Santas eyes are just open! It was morning but everytime it was in between kids he seemed to be nodding off. LOL!


Thursday, December 9, 2010

December 7

Attempted a photo shoot today for the Christmas cards.  I had gotten Lily a Christmas Fairy outfit and Zane an elf dress-up. They both looked so cute. The photo shoot went okay, the usual face pulling and dramas, but I think I have something to work with. After the card photo shoot, Lily was playing with the Christmas Tree and I snapped this shot, which is my favourite of the day:

I need to get a nice pic of  Zane in his Elf costume, he was a bit over it for a photo today, but he loves the costume so hopefully will get a good one soon.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

December 5 & 6

Such a busy time of the year, but plenty to do for taking a photo of the day. Just wish I had some time to scrap at the moment. I am pretty sure I won't be starting this album till January!

Sunday 5th December the kids had their gymnastics end of year presentation and party. It was a lovely day, got to see some gymnastics display from the levels kids, got their trophies which they were very excited about. Then we had a sausage sizzle and yummy cakes and lots of jumping on the jumping castles.

Here they are with their trophies:

On Monday, Zane & Lily had preschool so I took the opportunity to try and finish off the Christmas Shopping. It was a full day and I am almost done, just 1 or two things to get. This is a shot of my local Westfields - taken on my iphone, embarrassing enough - no way was I taking my camera with me!!

Slowly catching up...

Sunday, December 5, 2010

December 4th

Today was a work day for me, which means a 12 hour shift, then I ducked into K-Mart for some Christmas shopping on the way home. I love having a 24 hour shop, it is handy when you can pop in on the way home from work at 7.30pm on a Saturday night!! So for todays photo of the day I thought I would take a pic of the countdown we have. Zane changes the numbers each day - I didn't realise he could count backwards... this is good practice for school too.  I took this pic with my Hipstamatic application on my Iphone, such fun!


December 3rd

Today Lily had preschool, and Zane had swimming lessons this morning followed by a play at the pool. After that we went school uniform shopping to buy our first school uniform! Zane was very excited but once we got into the shop it all got a bit dramatic. First he decided he didn't want to try the clothes on, then he didn't want anyone to look at him...  Anyway I bribed him with Maccas which did the trick. So we got the uniforms without too much more fuss and enjoyed lunch at McDonalds and a play too.

Once we were home we were excited about our new uniform again so I unwrapped the brand new shirt, with a tear in my eye. Here he is:

And a close up, which is my favourite:

He was very proud to let Grandma & Daddy see him in his big school clothes, but he refused to wear them to pick up Lily so the preschool teachers could see. I think we still have some denial - on his part, not just mine, that we are off to big school next year!!


Friday, December 3, 2010

Scrapzgiving & Savvy Cybercrop

Scrapbook Savvy had a Christmas Cybercrop last weekend. There were 4 challenges of which I managed to do two. The first one was Antheas colour combo challenge. ( This layout really is straight and not as crooked as it appears here...)

The second one was to use non Christmas products, I misread and used non Christmas paper but Christmas embellishments. Never mind, I really like how it turned it!

I also did a card for the Scrapzgiving challenges, only managed one of the challenges, have the others down on my to do list!

This card will be for Zanes teachers at the end of the year:


Thursday, December 2, 2010

December 2nd

A regular Thursday for us today. Lily had dancing and then swimming while Zane was at preschool. I did have one Christmas job though, and that was to buy a new Santa Stop Here sign! We already had one, but  Zane tried to do it himself and when he tried to push it into the ground it snapped completely in half ! He was devastated and wanted us to sticky tape it back together - he truly believes everything can be fixed with sticky tape.

I had to hunt around for the sign, they were in short supply at the local shops so I checked out the bargain shops in the next suburb after swimming and found this reindeer one, which I knew would be a huge hit. I waited till after we picked Zane up, so both he and Lily could decide where to put the sign. This is the photo (after several attempts of course!):

Santa will know where to find us now!!


December Daily - December 1st

My plan for December is to take a photo a day and do a mini album, as per Ali Edwards. At the moment I am going to just do the photo part as I like to scrap by picking my papers after I have my photos not the other way around!

We traditionally start the Christmas month by putting up the Christmas Tree. This year was fabulous as both Zane & Lily were so excited and they were both able to put up a lot of the decorations and managed to space it out well and I didn't need to move things around too much... There was also lots of singing Jingle Bells & Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer!

We waited for Murray to get home before we put the star on top. Here is the finished tree.

Being in the Christmas mood we also watched Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer & finished the day by ready The Night Before Christmas as our bedtime story.


Saturday, November 27, 2010

2 Crafty November Challenge

This month the 2craftychipboard blog has a challenge to make a Christmas card using some 2crafty chipboard. As I usually buy some chipboard every time I visit my LSS, I have quite a stash!! So I made this, using a 2crafty chipboard reindeer and coloured it with my copic markers. I ended up putting the sentiment inside the card instead of the front. I love my new Spellbinder I recently purchased, can see it getting a lot of use: