Wednesday, September 29, 2010

This weeks scrapping

My poor little boy is sick! He coughed all night before my last day shift that Murray took him to the Doctors and they diagnosed bronchitis. He is on antibiotics and slept better last night but he is still not very well so we spent today at home and he won't be going to occasional care tomorrow so another quiet day at home in store.

A few layouts I have completed this week:

Zane was keen to have his photo taken as long as they were shots of his jumping into the pool.

My attempt at getting a semi-decent family photo while we were away:

The gorgeous view!!

And one using the August Ticklez Kit at Scrapz of my beautiful Mum when she was just 2 years old. Wasn't she so cute? I can see alot of Miss Lily in this photo.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Red Baron

Today we went to watch Murray go for an aerobatic joy ride on the Red Baron! The flight was a gift from his parents for his 40th birthday last month. The plane was so tiny, and as we walked in he reminded me he didn't really like small planes - oops!

Ready to go!

He did really well though and did most of the maneuvers, only getting a bit queasy at the end after a few combination maneuvers. He looked relieved to be back on firm ground!

Unfortunately for those of us on the ground, we only saw him taxi out to the runway & a glimpse of him taking off, but more disappointing was they record the flight, but the pilot accidentally bumped something and turned it off just before take-off so we didn't get to see anything of the aerobatics. The kids enjoyed just watching all the planes and helicopters anyway.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Beautiful Fiji

We all had the most fabulous time in Fiji last week. I am still only just coming back into non holiday mode and finally getting around to posting a few of my favourite photos to share. No one was ready to leave, both Zane & Lily were both keen to go back - Lily picked out the plane we were returning on the minute our plane touched down! We spent most of the time relaxing by the pool, such a gorgeous place we will definitely return.

Some pics:

View of the resort from the spa on top of the mountain:

Lily splashing about, love this one.

Lots of action shots of Zane jumping into the pool, notice how well he points his toes?

At the beach:

Kayaking, Zane really enjoyed this.

Lily only had one go at Kayaking:

Getting braids done:

Firedancing show:


Most of these will hopefully end up on some scrap pages in the near future!


Friday, September 17, 2010

Final entries for STA comp

These were my last 2 entries in the Scrap that Ad comp at Scrapz.

Round 5: The Dove ad.
Criteria was a frame, a photo of us, and the word BEAUTY. You had to show what beauty meant to you  using inspiration from the Ad.

The ad inspired me to be brave and use a photo that Zane took (no make-up and all). The quote is by Tolstoy and I knew this explained the concept of beauty perfectly to me. Because Zane of the photo choice I asked both he & Lily, what made me beautiful (cause they always say so :) ) and have included their responses on the layout, they were: Top right: Because you give kissed & Cuddles. Lily 3 1/2 years.
Bottom right: Because you're wearing pink, but even if you wear aqua or blue or red or yellow or silver you are beautiful because I love you. Zane 4 3/4 years. 

Round 6 - Tim Tam Genie Ad.
Criteria was the word WISH, some Stars, 3 wishes and a Fairytale element.
Inspiration: the fairytale genre of the ad, inspired a fairytale style layout.

This has been a fabulous competition, very happy with all my entries and there has been fabulous work by everyone in the Scrapz Gallery!!!!