Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Beautiful Fiji

We all had the most fabulous time in Fiji last week. I am still only just coming back into non holiday mode and finally getting around to posting a few of my favourite photos to share. No one was ready to leave, both Zane & Lily were both keen to go back - Lily picked out the plane we were returning on the minute our plane touched down! We spent most of the time relaxing by the pool, such a gorgeous place we will definitely return.

Some pics:

View of the resort from the spa on top of the mountain:

Lily splashing about, love this one.

Lots of action shots of Zane jumping into the pool, notice how well he points his toes?

At the beach:

Kayaking, Zane really enjoyed this.

Lily only had one go at Kayaking:

Getting braids done:

Firedancing show:


Most of these will hopefully end up on some scrap pages in the near future!



  1. Wow, looks absolutely amazing. Can't wait to see some of these photos on a layout :).

  2. Fabulous photos Fiona!!! What an amazing wonder you didn't want to come home!

    Sheree xx