Friday, September 17, 2010

Final entries for STA comp

These were my last 2 entries in the Scrap that Ad comp at Scrapz.

Round 5: The Dove ad.
Criteria was a frame, a photo of us, and the word BEAUTY. You had to show what beauty meant to you  using inspiration from the Ad.

The ad inspired me to be brave and use a photo that Zane took (no make-up and all). The quote is by Tolstoy and I knew this explained the concept of beauty perfectly to me. Because Zane of the photo choice I asked both he & Lily, what made me beautiful (cause they always say so :) ) and have included their responses on the layout, they were: Top right: Because you give kissed & Cuddles. Lily 3 1/2 years.
Bottom right: Because you're wearing pink, but even if you wear aqua or blue or red or yellow or silver you are beautiful because I love you. Zane 4 3/4 years. 

Round 6 - Tim Tam Genie Ad.
Criteria was the word WISH, some Stars, 3 wishes and a Fairytale element.
Inspiration: the fairytale genre of the ad, inspired a fairytale style layout.

This has been a fabulous competition, very happy with all my entries and there has been fabulous work by everyone in the Scrapz Gallery!!!!



  1. I love both of these Fiona, especially your layout for round 6 :).

  2. Both fabulous entries Fiona! xx