Saturday, September 25, 2010

Red Baron

Today we went to watch Murray go for an aerobatic joy ride on the Red Baron! The flight was a gift from his parents for his 40th birthday last month. The plane was so tiny, and as we walked in he reminded me he didn't really like small planes - oops!

Ready to go!

He did really well though and did most of the maneuvers, only getting a bit queasy at the end after a few combination maneuvers. He looked relieved to be back on firm ground!

Unfortunately for those of us on the ground, we only saw him taxi out to the runway & a glimpse of him taking off, but more disappointing was they record the flight, but the pilot accidentally bumped something and turned it off just before take-off so we didn't get to see anything of the aerobatics. The kids enjoyed just watching all the planes and helicopters anyway.



  1. That really does look like it would have been lots of fun. Murray must have done exceptionally well to have gone through with the whole thing, not liking small planes & all. What a shame about not having the recording to look at for you all, especially Murray, I'm sure it would have been great for him to see his stunts from another perspective with his feet back on the ground.

  2. How cool! Such a shame you missed out on the recording though...but at least you got some photos on the ground.

    Sheree xx