Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Almost identical?

I did this layout for the Whats Cooking challenge at Scrapz :

While I was looking at this photo of me in Kindy, I realised I am about the same age as Zane is now, not quite 5. I went and had a look at some recent photos I have of Zane and found this one, and put it next to the one of me:

He is all me on the outside!

Zane had his first hour at BIG school yesterday and he loved it! He is doing 3 one hour sessions that get them used to the school. It's a great idea and has made him even more excited to be 5 and go to school next year. Only 3 more weeks till his birthday, I need to get onto the invitations and planning, then it will be time to think of Christmas!!


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  1. Wow he really is you all over Fiona! Love your gorgeous page. :)

    Sheree xx