Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Trip to Emergency

We had a lovely trip to the emergency dept today, Lily decided one of her dolls shoes could fit up her nose!   We went to the GP first, he could see it but it was wedged too high, so he sent us to emergency. A quick call to Mum and swung by her place to drop Zane off and off we went. A few laps of the carpark to find a spot and I was all frazzled by then - in the meantime Lily had sneezed and it came out - but I didn't realise and took her in. They checked her over and couldn't find it - of course - so the nurse said she was going to get another pair of eyes to have a look. Poor Lily thought they were going to give her new eyes!!  I worked out she may have sneezed it out by then so when Murray arrived a short while later I sent him to find the offending shoe!! He found it and we got to go home. As we were leaving Lily said "I bless you'd it out, that was funny!!".  Well I guess it kind of was, but it could of been a lot worse, so glad she "bless you'd it out ".

Also some layouts I have done:

Weekly challenges at Scrapz Biz

Debs challenge - Multi photo layout

Sherees What's Cooking Challenge:

Ingredients list
A ruffle (made out of paper, ribbon, fabric or crepe paper)
two photos
at least 3 stickers
a patterned paper background

And Septembers sketch at Scrapbook Savvy :



  1. LOL Oh dear...what a drama over that tiny shoe! I hope Lily doesn't do that again!

    Loving the pages you're creating Fiona!

    Sheree xx

  2. oh my so glad the tiny shoe was sneezed out, but what a drama for you Fiona...
    All your pages are fantastic :)