Friday, October 29, 2010

A week of Doctors Appointments

Busy week this week, taken up with Doctors appointments. For about 2 months, Lily has been complaining about having sore hips, so this week when she said they were sore again I took her up to the GP to get them checked out. No clicky hips so he sent her for an x-ray and bone scan. The x-ray we could get done straight away and it showed no problems. She was very brave on her own, Zane & I had to wait outside the room while the picture was taken. Next week we go for the bone scan, not looking forward to that as it involves an injection, so am bringing Murray along to help!

Zane had his first appointment at the Cleft Clinic today. It was a 7.30am start at the Childrens Hospital so a very early morning. Firstly he got his photo taken - wish I got those big easy smiles all the time!! Next we saw the ENT, the surgeon, his registrar, a speech pathologist and orthodontist. Quite the production. Thankfully all is well, we mainly went about his teeth and the orthodontist it happy with them and not worried about the one in the cleft of his gum eventhough it is a bit brown. We do have to get a hearing test in 3 months as there was some fluid in his ear but they believe it is a result of the tonsilitis he had last week. All up we were there for 2 hours and Zane was pretty good, though the temptation of the playground was quite strong.

I have been feeling a bit run down too, so a few early nights and woke this morning with a sore throat. Must be my turn...

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