Thursday, December 16, 2010

12 Days of Christmas scrapping

I have barely had time at all to do any scrapping, by the evenings I have been getting so tired! Over at Scrapz they have been running the 12 days of Christmas challenges. Lots of gorgeous work and inspiration, but I have only managed 3 of the challenges so far. Hopefully I will get more done before Sunday when it is all due!

Day 1 - Gift Tags

Day 2 - Teacher Thank you's (I still have another 8 to make)

Day 3 - Bookmark



  1. they are gorgeous Fiona! I especially love the bookmark... might have to go and make myself one of those
    Donna xxx

  2. Love all of the projects Fiona, at least you have three done.

  3. love all your projeects. The bookmark is cool and the teachers' cards are awesome!! Take care, Deb xx