Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Day & Boxing Day 2010

We had an early start to Christmas Day this year. Zane & Lily both woke at 2.30 am and proceeded to have a conversation about whether they could look out the window and see Santa, Lily decided she was not brave enough to peek out!! Shortly after this they both came into our room to see if Santa had been and whether it was time to get up? No! They repeated this about 3 times before I got them both to hop into bed with us but Zane barely slept and at 5.30 he was keen to open up some presents! This entailed waking Lily who had finally gotten to sleep so she was not too happy, but once she realised Santa had been she was very excited!! Both were very spoilt, though Zane did receive one potato for being naughty...unfortunately it didn't have the desired effect as he is super proud to have it and calls it his special potato!

They were pretty excited about their presents, in particular some Toy Story characters they really wanted. Zane with Woody - he jumped around the lounge room when he got him!

Lily opening Bullseye and a Zhu Zhu:

We went to my SIL's place for Christmas lunch, which was delicious! Unfortunately the kids grandparents couldn't come due to illness and their great Aunt & Uncle also couldn't make it as Aunty June had broken her arm the day before. We were meant to then go to my sisters place in the afternoon, but my poor little niece Scarlett was in hospital with a virus. Fortunately she is only 18 months old so didn't realise she was missing Christmas and she was let out late that afternoon on a pass - so she could go straight back to the kiddies ward if she got worse. She was on the mend so we celebrated Christmas with my side of the family on Boxing Day. I took a lot more photos this day:

My babies:

Family shot - unfortunately Miss Lily must of been moving as she is a bit blurry - hoping PS will help a bit with that as this is the only photo of the 4 of us.

And my nephew Oscar in his Buzz Lighyear outfit we got him for Christmas. Isn't he cute - to infinity & beyond!

All in all it was a lovely two days of celebrating Christmas, and we get to do it again in mid January with the IL's when they are able to see us again!



  1. Merry Christmas Fiona! Sounds like you all had a wonderful time together. Great photos!

    Sheree xx

  2. You have some fabulous photos there. LOL at the potato. I cannot imagine what my DS would have thought if he got a potato in his sack.

  3. Ha ha ha special potato, very cute Zane. Mackenzie would have embraced it the same way! I'm sure that'll make a great L/O sometime soon. Christmas looked like lots of fun at your house, hope you had a great New Year's too Fiona.

  4. Sounds like you had a great Christmas! You kids are so very cute! Thanks for sharing :) xo