Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dec 16, 17 , 18 & 19

Very behind on updating my December Daily photos, which means behind on remembering all the details...

December 16 was Lily's last day of dancing and swimming lessons for the year.

December 17. Zane has his last day of swimming lessons. Santa was at the pool but for the first time in his life, Zane was scared of him. Strange, it was a very authentic looking Santa too! But the highlight of the day was most definitely the Bon Jovi concert at the SFS. OMG it was awesome!! Unfortunately Murray got tied up at work and I had to find someone else to go with, thankfully I found a JBJ fan so was all good. It was the best concert and that man just gets better with age...

December 18 - Lily had her end of year presentation for Dancing. All the kinderdance kids did a Christmas dance and got participation trophies. All the kids then had a dance on the stage. Zane was having a ball, I expect to be asked if he can do dancing too next year. That afternoon we went to Mimi's house for her birthday and had a BBQ and the most delicious cake!! On the drive home we had a bit of a drive around to look at Christmas lights, wish Zane and Lily both loved!

Here is Lily getting her trophy and a candy cane, which she is quite fascinated with, even though the first thing she did was give it to Zane to eat:

December 19 we had a stay at home day, needed to recover from so much busyness! Lily decided she wanted to have her toenails painted like me, so of course Zane wanted his done too:

Okay a few more days to go!! Then I might need to start thinking about the album itself!



  1. Gorgeous toenails & the colour too.
    and Bon Jovi!!! Lucky you!

  2. ohhhhhhhhhhh if only they had come to Adelaide.

    Merry Christmas Fiona.