Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dec 20, 21, 22, 23 & 24

Lots of catching up on some December Daily photos:

Dec 20th was Zane & Lilys last day of preschool - Zane's last day forever, and I cried when I picked him up, he of course couldn't of cared less. I got the last of the Christmas shopping done while they were there. This is their portfolios and DVD/CD of photos of their year at preschool:

Dec 21 - Chores and other fun stuff today, but I did make a start on the wrapping of gifts, I ran out of paper wrapping the santa presents yesterday and didn't want to run out again!

Dec 22 - We had a lovely morning at Crazy Maze today with some of the kids from our Mothers group. Even though we didn't go to playgroup this year because of gymnastics you both had no trouble fitting back in. Zane was getting very cozy with Jada, she will be in his class next year, should be interesting... Cathy & Calle visited us for dinner and we exchanged Christmas presents. Lots of chocolate from Sweden and gorgeous & generous gifts! The kids loved their go go cars!

Dec 23 - Craigs Birthday! We all went to my sisters house for BIL's birthday this afternoon, after I made a quick trip to my LSS as today was the last day of it being open and I wanted to say good bye. Where will my happy place be now?

Dec 24 - Every Christmas eve we get together with friends for food and a few drinks. This year we had it at a local park, rather than at someones house and did a picnic instead. We barely saw the kids as they played in the playground, nice catch up and we left when it got dark which gave ample time for getting things ready at home for Santas visit. Us girls always get a group photo each year:


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