Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December 13th

Zane & Lily's concert for Occasional Care and Zane's preschool graduation on today.

I have mixed emotions about this day, my boy only has 2 more days left, he has been going there for just over 3 years. Next year he will be starting his school journey which is both exciting and a bit scary! A lot of things will be changing next year for us so it will be interesting to see how things have changed by this time next year.

The concert was gorgeous as usual. For the second year in a row Zane played a wise man in the nativity - I think it was the purple cloak that he likes:

All the kids sang some Christmas Carols and did a few little shows. The girls did some dancing, I wish I had caught Lily shimmering as it was very cute & funny, they had someone taping so I will have to buy a copy!

Of course the highlight was seeing Zane in his cap and gown. I had to suppress the tears when they all sang a song about being ready for big school *sob, sob*.

When it was all over I got a few pics with him in his gown, so cute. Lily was not interested in photos...she is on notice that next year she will have to be!

And I think this is my favourite shot of my sweet little boy:



  1. they certainly look cute Fiona! I am sure he will love "BIG" school
    Donna xx

  2. awww how adorable does he look in his cap & gown.