Thursday, December 2, 2010

December 2nd

A regular Thursday for us today. Lily had dancing and then swimming while Zane was at preschool. I did have one Christmas job though, and that was to buy a new Santa Stop Here sign! We already had one, but  Zane tried to do it himself and when he tried to push it into the ground it snapped completely in half ! He was devastated and wanted us to sticky tape it back together - he truly believes everything can be fixed with sticky tape.

I had to hunt around for the sign, they were in short supply at the local shops so I checked out the bargain shops in the next suburb after swimming and found this reindeer one, which I knew would be a huge hit. I waited till after we picked Zane up, so both he and Lily could decide where to put the sign. This is the photo (after several attempts of course!):

Santa will know where to find us now!!


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  1. Ahhh the good old sticky tape :) in a kids eyes it will do the job. Love the new sign and it's such a great pic of the kids.