Sunday, December 5, 2010

December 3rd

Today Lily had preschool, and Zane had swimming lessons this morning followed by a play at the pool. After that we went school uniform shopping to buy our first school uniform! Zane was very excited but once we got into the shop it all got a bit dramatic. First he decided he didn't want to try the clothes on, then he didn't want anyone to look at him...  Anyway I bribed him with Maccas which did the trick. So we got the uniforms without too much more fuss and enjoyed lunch at McDonalds and a play too.

Once we were home we were excited about our new uniform again so I unwrapped the brand new shirt, with a tear in my eye. Here he is:

And a close up, which is my favourite:

He was very proud to let Grandma & Daddy see him in his big school clothes, but he refused to wear them to pick up Lily so the preschool teachers could see. I think we still have some denial - on his part, not just mine, that we are off to big school next year!!


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