Thursday, December 9, 2010

December 7

Attempted a photo shoot today for the Christmas cards.  I had gotten Lily a Christmas Fairy outfit and Zane an elf dress-up. They both looked so cute. The photo shoot went okay, the usual face pulling and dramas, but I think I have something to work with. After the card photo shoot, Lily was playing with the Christmas Tree and I snapped this shot, which is my favourite of the day:

I need to get a nice pic of  Zane in his Elf costume, he was a bit over it for a photo today, but he loves the costume so hopefully will get a good one soon.



  1. hi there... Just read your comment on Kerryns blog, and as a newbie blogger myself, wanted to leave a comment :) that little christmas fairy photo is adorable

  2. awww look at that gorgeous girl!!!

    Thanks for what you said on my blog Fiona. It means alot.