Friday, December 10, 2010

December 8

What a fun morning we had today! We vistited Santa at Westfields and Zane and Lily had their phot taken with him after letting him know what they would like most for Christmas - a Woody Doll for Zane, a Barbie pool and a Jessie Doll for Lily. Then we went visiting the toy sections of the department stores to have a look at the Jessie & Woody dolls, we also saw Lotso and Bullseye who are also on the Christmas Wish List. After bidding them several farewells, we had morning tea of banana bread & a latte for me, a babycino for Lily. Zane didn't want anything. The we went to the "Jungle" play area in Westfield! A bit of shopping in amongst that too. You both very good and saw a few more things to add to the wishlist!!

I love this years Santa Photo, Zane is always so exited and grinning away. Lily is excited but in a quieter way with her shy smile:

This is a scan and a bit blurry!! Santas eyes are just open! It was morning but everytime it was in between kids he seemed to be nodding off. LOL!



  1. Love the background in this one, great scrappy colours!!!

  2. Cute photo, Fiona. Santa does look like he is dozing off though.

  3. Fab pic! LOL at the sleepy Santa ... maybe he was up late wrapping pressies LOL :-)

  4. Such a sweet photo! I love the yearly photos with Santa, my kids are just itching to have theirs :).