Monday, January 31, 2011

Queanbeyan Visit

As some of you may be aware, Murray is working away from home part of the time. Instead of him coming to us this weekend we headed down to Queanbeyan for a short visit. The kids were both really good on the drive down and excited to see Daddy, but more excited to see the dogs that live there! Two absolutely gorgeous black staffys, Zane says we must get one EXACTLY the same as Sooky!

While we were there we did the tourist thing and headed to Canberra to check out Cockington Green and Questacon. Zane and Lily loved the train ride at Cockington Green and being able to operate the trains and other interactive models. Zane made the trains go around and around for ages, Lily wasn't quite so keen but she had barely slept the night before.

I loved all the miniature houses, I hadn't been to Cockington Green since I was a kid, and can't really remember it that well. These were my favourites:

Very cute little church with bells playing for the wedding.


Not sure what this one was of, it's not in my guide book, but it was in the international section....

And lastly St Andres Cathdral in the Ukraine

Oh and there was this sign which gave me quite a giggle at the train station:

Sunday we went to Questacon. This was pretty amazing, lots of buttons to press and things to do and see. Zane & Lily both loved the Mini Q under 6 area - heaps to do here:






Lily didn't want to leave and chucked a tanty as only an almost 4 year old can. They both had a great time on the rollercaster simulator, Zane had 3 goes in a row!! His favourite thing was apparently the flight simulator, he enjoyed crashing the plane. No photos of that as Lily and I were back in her favourite area - the Mini Q's playing construction workers.

We needed more time to see it all, but I suspect we will be down there again soon.




  1. They look like places I need to take my kids to one day! I bet it was great for you all to spend some time together :).

  2. What a fun way to spend the weekend together Fiona! Love the photos!

    Sheree xx