Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Uni Subjects

Scrapz.University that is! This is a fabulous challenge currently on at Scrapz. This week there were 4 subjects: Media Studies, Behavioural Science, Architecture and Genealogy. Somehow amongst adapting to Zane starting school and having Lily's birthday I managed to complete all 4 subjects including the bonus credits!

Media Studies: Create a layout about how reliant we are on modern media/communication. Bonus Points: Add a tag (large or small) and a free hand page border to your page.

Behavioural Science: Scrap the behavioural characteristics of someone close to you. This could be a member of your family, yourself or even your pet! It's up to you.
Bonus Points: Add some stitching and a punched element to your page.

The characteristics are under the photos:

Architecture: Scrap a layout about your home. Or perhaps you have a home that has a special place in your heart even though you no longer live there. Whatever the case, share your memories about why that home is special to you
Bonus Points: Include more than 100 words of journalling

My journalling is hidden under the photo, 104 words!

Genealogy: Scrap a layout which includes pictures of three or more generations of your family. The layout can be about times shared together, resemblances between family members or anything you like!
Bonus Points: Get messy with some paint or ink splatters and include some string.

Week 2's challenges are up now, 3 this week: Horticulture, Graphics & Computer Tech and Neonatal Science.



  1. These are fabulous fiona!! I haven't seen them all in the gallery yet (bit behind on my gallery hopping). Can't wait to see what you do for the next lot of subjects!!

  2. ohhh very noice Fiona!! Love those clouds though, awesome work