Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Purple Pumpkin Giveaway

This gorgeous kit is up for grabs at Purple Pumpkin

For a chance to win visit the Purple Pumpkin Blog, become a follower then post about the giveaway on your blog with a link to the Purple Pumpkin blog. Then leave a comment to say you have posted to your blog. For an extra entry to win, link to Facebook too!!

Isn't it just gorgeous?


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Scrapz Uni Finals

These are my final entries for the fantastic Scrapz Uni competition. The very generous Heike gave all the finalists this gorgeous collection of  Goodies. With it we had to create a set of mini cards and a mini layout no bigger than 6" x 6". We could use 2 pieces of cardstock and 1 extra piece of patterened paper as long as it was not from the same range.

These are my entries:

Mini Layout: This was so much fun to do, even though initially the small size seemed a challenge. I am going to pop this on my desk, it is the perfect size without taking up too much space

Card Set: All cards are 10cm x 10cm


The tag comes out of this one:

And my favourite:

Thanks for popping in

Monday, March 28, 2011

Another Sketch Challenge

Just a quick post to share this layout I did for this sketch challenge Inspired Blueprints :

I has this photo and papers together for a while but had done a few holiday layouts with this range so this sketch was great inspiration!

Will be back tomorrow with my mini layout & cards for the Scrapz Uni comp.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Stuck?! Sketch

On the weekend I did a half day crop. To help with productivity I decided to take along some sketches. This one is for Stuck Sketches, I have been lurking there but finally played along. The first sketch for March:


Lilys first dance concert, she was practising her dance while I took some photos. The photos are  actually from the dress rehearsal the week before. I am just proud I got those curls into somewhat neat plaits!


Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekly Challenge Layouts & Cards

I have had quite a big weekend, not recovered yet, and have the most dreadful cough. So while I am just pottering about I will share a few recent layouts:

These are from this weeks challenges at Scrapz, with the theme Walk in the Park:

Paint a rainbow - using Orange, Blue & Yellow:

And also a card in the same theme:

These two are from the previous weeks challenges with the theme golden

Paint a Rainbow - Blue, Caribbean & Yellow:

And a card aswell, which had to be predominantly in yellow:

I did a few pages this weekend at the All About Scrapbooks crop which were for a few challenge blogs, if this rain lets up I might be able to photograph them!


Friday, March 18, 2011

Scrapz Uni Finals

I got the last challenge done for Scrapz Uni and have made the finals. Heike is very genorously giving the finalists a pack to create something. Very exciting, can't wait to receive mine!!

This is my final entry for Horticulture. I ended up using a pic from a mag:

I am not 100% happy with it, didn't quite turn out how it was in my head, you know?

After all my not knowing what to do for the layout due to having no garden, Mum turned up yesterday with a planter and flowers for Miss Lily who always complains we have no garden. These would of been perfect for the challenge:

I am putting Lily in charge of these, not sure how it will go, I told her she didn't need to water as it's raining and her reply was "good". She may take after her Mum after all...


Monday, March 14, 2011

Medicine, Journalism & Creative Arts Layouts

The competition at Scrapz has finished and these are the final weeks entries:

Medicine - to create a layout that is health related and use an envelope and a stamp:
This photo is from back in 2007, probably not something I would of scrapped without this challenge, so glad I did it though. Zane had a virus similar to rotovirus and he had to stay in hospital for about 3 nights with Murray. It was hard on me as I had the bottle-refusing Lily who was only 6 months old so I couldn't stay with my boy, eventhough I spent all the day time up there!

Journallism: Story about self and must include at least one photo of me. Extra points for 2 buttons and 2 bling.
This is about my current weight loss and fitness journey - all the details are hidden, you don't want to know! My motto is Just Do It !  Maybe after this journey I will like having my photo taken...

And finally Creative Arts. We were to use as inspiration a layout from the gallery. I chose this one from one of the DT girls Belinda Cheeky Little Bub and also to use an element from Georgias layout for this challenge DT Sample
I love this layout, it is my current fave, and it was so much fun to do!

Well that still leaves the horticulture one to do, I have till Wednesday and I have the idea just need a photo and will be right to go.


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Catch up

Just a few recent layouts to share. These are all for the Uni comp that was held over at Scrapz recently, I have one more to go, its a gardening one and with no garden as such, I am finding it hard to come up with a photo. Anyway these are the ones I have finished so far:

These two are Week 2's challenges:

Subject: Graphics & Computer Tech - use a photoedited picture (I used an ethereal action in PS3) and computer journalling. Bonus points for overlapping the title onto the photo and using journalling strips.

The second subject: Neonatal - Us as a baby/toddler. Bonus points for including facts relating to our birth and events of that year. The facts are hidden on a journalling tag where it says today:
I love that this paper has the 16th on a Friday which is the day & date I was born - perfect!

Week 3's challenges:

Subject: Speech Pathology - Scrap a conversation. Bonus points for two speech bubbles. I had written this conversation down in a notebook but with no date on it. I am guessing Zane was either 3 or just turned 4, but most definitely at preschool as I recall asking him on the way home in the car about his day.

Subject: Food Technolody - scrap about something you cannot do without in the kitchen. Bonus points for using something from the kitchen:

Subject: Midwifery - scrap a page about someone who helped you through pregnancy/birth/after the birth. Bonus points for 4 different patterned papers and a sticker. This page is about a group of online friends who I "met" while trying to conceive Zane. We ended up forming our own online forum and call ourselves NNM's ;)

I still have week 5's to show but will save those 3 for tomorrow.


Saturday, March 5, 2011

More Scrapz Uni Layouts

I have done a few more layouts for the Uni comp over at A little bit haphazard in my scrapping with these challenges, after completing all of week 1's challenges I fell behind, but still have plenty of time to catch up.

These are week 4's challenges:

First up, Music - scrap favourite band or song. Use patterned paper as a background and one flower. Of course I had to scrap this

Next subject was Exercise & Sports Science - scrap a page with a photo of a family member being active. Include numbers in the title and one animal:

The final subject for week 4 was Law - scrap about the laws specific to your household. Use more than one font for the title and 5 different patterned paper:

The journalling is in the door:

I have done a couple from the previous weeks and working on some more, will share those soon.