Sunday, June 5, 2011

A few layouts to share

Just a few different layouts I haven't posted to my blog yet for various reasons. A few from the crop day I had a couple of weeks ago:

One of Zane and his beautiful, big, blue eyes

Lily at the beach, covered in sand from head to toe as she tends to manage to do all the time! I have attempted to play with paint on this, I think I could of spread it out a bit more, but it's a bit late for that!

And the last one is an older photo of Lily. I have found a few older photos  I really want to scrap at the moment. This one is a cute but imperfect photo and I think that is why I never scrapped it before! She used to walk around playing peek-a-boo a lot.

And I was ging to share last weeks scrapz challenge page, but my photo was too dark as I finished it late on the night they were due, so will have to take another photo of it and post it another day.



  1. These pages are awesome Fiona! I love the purple and green together on the last one and oh my gosh how grown up is your boy looking!!

  2. Oh Fiona these layouts are just GORGEOUS!!!!!!! I love them are such an inspirational scrapper...Have a great week :))xx