Saturday, July 23, 2011

That's Gotta Hurt!

Another page to share, this one for last weeks What's Cooking challenge over at Scrapz. The criteria was to use the words Oh No, string around a photo and a tag.

The incident that came to mind immediately was the recent accident we had here where Murray accidentally shut the car door on Zane's fingers. It was horrible! We were all in the car taking Zane to school, he had whole school mass so we were going to all go and watch. Everyone had gotten out of the car, but Zane was leaning against the car with his fingers stretched out.... He ended up in the sick bay at school with ice on his fingers. We couldn't calm him down so we took him home. He ended up going to hospital a few days later so that they could drill little holes into the nail and let all the blood out. He had 2 courses of antibiotics. His finger is still black but clearing up. This was a little over 3 weeks ago. Thankfully he looks like he won't lose the nail.  A few weeks after this, the same thing almost happened to Lily in the front door, but it was seen just in time. Time to teach the kids not to lean along doors with their hands outstretched!

This is my layout:

I had to use a car embellishment :) The tag pulls out with the story of the finger jamming. It reads:

Daddy shut the car door on your little fingers. You cried & cried. It happened on the way to school and we took you back hom and gave you Painstop. A few days later you had to get it drilled to get the gunk out. You were super brave at the hospital and didn't cry at all! You are on antibiotics to help it heal. My poor boy, Daddy felt very bad but it was an accident. We *heart* you! 

A new challenge is starting over at Scrapz tomorrow. Check it out here

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  2. ooh ouch! Fabulous page Fiona!!!