Tuesday, August 9, 2011

August Crop Day

Last Saturday was my regular monthly crop with All About Scrapbooks and as usual I managed 3 and a half pages. I wonder if I will ever manage to hit 4? I was trickier this time though and took a half finished page which technically means I did four LOL.

I can only show two of them today though. One has been picked up by SBM and unfortunately on another one of my pages, I must of knocked it and the chipboard piece has dried crooked so I am going to redo it.

So here are my two layouts, both school pages of Zane that I finally got around to doing now Term 3 has started. He looks so little in this photo, can't believe how much he has changed in 6 months:

This is my favourite First Day of School photo. I have included some journalling which is hidden on the report card, which I took off my blog post here from the first day. It reads:

Wow, how did this day come about so quickly? One minute I was being rushed into theatre for an emergency caesarean & meeting you my special first born, making sure you were all okay, just a little cleft lip, no cleft palate and top AGPAR scores, you were perfect!
Now all of a sudden you are 5 and off to big school. My big boy, you still looked so small & sweet in your uniform. I was reminded just how little you are as you clung to my legs begging me not to leave you, you were happy to stay so long as I did too.  You clung so tightly to my neck when I left again, there were tears from both of us. Sister Sarah looked after you and came out and told me you had settled. Just before we left you were looking out the door and saw me, you had the saddest little look on your face, it broke my heart...
Thankfully, it was only a 3 hour first day. When we picked you up you were excited to see us and seemed happy and keen to go back to school tomorrow. I asked about your day, what you did, and your only reply was "nothing". Apparently that is a good sign with boys! I am hoping there are no tears tomorrow and you settle in quickly to this new adventure.



  1. These are both awesome pages Fiona...love them! Congrats on getting one picked up too...yay!!

    Sheree xx

  2. It is amazing how little they look when they start school but how quickly they look like they've been there forever :). The pages are awesome Fiona!!

  3. Lovely pages Fiona, i'm just getting around to scrapping 1st day at school pics aswell. Not my eldest starting though my youngest (sob, sob) they look so cute don't they, all neat, tidy and excited.
    congrats on the SM acceptance!

  4. Both your layouts are gorgeous Fiona! Yay for the one that got picked up by SM!
    I still have so many school pics to scrap, but generally lack the inspiration to get into them. You make it look so easy. :)

  5. Love them both Fiona! Congrats on the SM acceptance too :-)

  6. Fantastic pages Fiona!! I just adore your journaling...time goes so fast hey! Congrats on your other page...love seeing your work in the mags! Have a great weekend :))xx