Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What's on your Plate?

Is the title of last weeks Location, Location challenge at Scrapz. We had to take a photo of a meal - breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Hmmm... I did have to think about it, I am not a fancy cooker (as the kids says) and I have a house full of fussy eaters, myself included so dinner can often be all sorts of different things for each person. Then it came to me, the most obvious choice was to scrap about Burrito's! I like them because they are super quick to cook and everyone likes them cause they are very tasty. It is one of the only things everyone agrees on liking, of course we all have different sauce with them...

The added criteria for this was to use recycled packaging in your title, 30+ words of journalling and a utensil on the page.

Journalling reads - The one main meal that everyone in the family will eat with a minimum of fuss. We have them with chicken, avocado, tomato, carrot, cheese and sauce - tomato for Zane, BBQ for Lily and Mexican for Murray & I.

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  1. LOL about the sauce, sounds like our house. Can't go wrong with burritos though. Your layout is fabulous Fiona!

  2. We are lucky to have only one fussy eater in our house but that's enough for me LOL!

    Fantastic page Fiona! Love the doily's :-)

  3. Yum! I love Burritos too. Fantastic page Fiona!!

    Sheree xx

  4. Yummo!!! What a great subject to scrap! LOVE burritos - or any other mexican thingy like that too! There's all kinds aren't there? LOL. Awesome page!!!

  5. ohh YUM they are a winner in our house too! scrapped beautifully of course!