Monday, September 26, 2011

Hong Kong Day 1 - Victoria's Peak

Our first day in Hong Kong bloomed sunny and humid. We set off through the air-conditioned comfort of the underground tunnels that lead to the MTR (railway network) and Pacific Place shops, and then eventually popped out at the Hong Kong Gardens. The kids had a ball running around the fountain and admiring the koi & turtles.

We arrived at the Peak Tram and after a short wait the tram arrived, and took us up to Victoria Peak – a very steep up – a gradient of 4-37 degrees according to the brochure.  It was quite an amazing ride, looking out the windows all the buildings appeared to be on an angle.

Once we reached the top of Victoria Peak we headed to The Lookout restaurant to enjoy lunch. We sat outside and enjoyed a gorgeous garden setting and view of the mountains.  Then we hit the shops! Madame Tussauds is there but we didn’t go in, though Bruce Lee was out the front, the kids refused to go anywhere near him so I made Murray pose instead.

We then discovered this shop and I most definitely needed to take a photo LOL!

The main reason you go to the Peak is the views, so next we headed over to the Peak Tower Sky Terrace deck with 360 degree views of Hong Kong.  What a view!!  We took a few pics … but I will just show 3!

Zane & Lily found it particularly hot and headed back into the air-conditioned comfort of the shops.  A ticket box for Disneyland was on the lower level, made up to look like a castle with a Mickey Mouse statue out the front. The kids ran for it and we snapped a pic of them with Mickey Mouse. (Mainly as I was unsure if Zane would go near the real ones at Disneyland, he has avoided them in the past).

Lily decided it was her castle and stayed in the arch of it for ages.  It was here she was about to discover that everyone wanted a photo of her and she was only too happy to oblige, quickly learning that a popular way to have your photo taken is to give the peace sign!

After quite a full day up on the Peak we headed back down on the Tram and walked into the central shopping area of Hong Kong, it’s just like you see in the photos, but I didn’t take any I realised.  We checked out a few shops and stopped off to enjoy ice-cream - this was to become an integral part of our days!  Then it was well and truly time to head back to the apartment to enjoy the convenience of being able to order almost anything you want home delivered – especially tubs of Ben & Jerry’s Strawberry Cheesecake Ice-cream which was divine!


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  1. Wow the view is awesome!

    Looks like lots of fun being had by all :).