Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hong Kong Day 3 - DisneyLand (Part 1)

Day 3 and the most anticipated day of all, our visit to Disneyland!!!! We were all super-excited and it didn’t disappoint from the moment we stepped onto the Disney Train that took us to the Disneyland entrance till the magical fireworks display at the end.

We arrived and it was the hottest and most humid day we have had so far, but we immediately spotted Mickey & Minnie Mouse and sent Murray into the queue for us while the kids sat in the shade. It was a long wait but worth it when they got to meet them. Mickey & Minnie were decked out in Halloween costumes, which was a pity as Lily had on her red & white spotted skirt which would of looked really cute next to Minnie Mouse! (Only a scrapper would do that) The kids didn’t mind though and loved meeting them and we did get a nice family photo with them – Murray deserved one after standing in line all that time.

Of course after that the kids were hungry and they spotted a Mickey Mouse waffle so we bought one for them to share – it was delicious, if not a bit too cute to eat!.  

A quick check of the guide map and we headed up Main Street into Adventureland , where we crossed the river by raft  to Tarzans Treehouse.  Then we went to the Theater of the Wild to enjoy the Festival of the Lion King show.  A fabulous show which unfortunately was interrupted twice with technical difficulties and had to finish a few minutes before the actual end of the show. Still it was a great show and we all enjoyed it immensely.  (The next day Lily was interrupting a game here and Zane were playing due to technical problems – funny what they pick up & repeat).

Tarzan's Treehouse

Still in Adventureland we decided to take the Jungle River Cruise, which was cheesy & fun as we took in the sights of Adventureland – with elephants, zebras, hippos and natives about to attack. The highlight was coming around the mountains and hearing a loud gush as steam poured out then flames burst forth, including flames sitting on the water. It looked great, but poor Lily was sitting with Cathy and at the noise she hit the deck!!  Good self preservation skills my little girl has.  

Great special effects

We exited the cruise and walked past the leaking Tikis and into our favourite land of all, Fantasyland. Here we immediately spot the cute and cheeky Tinkerbelle.  Another line which takes a while as she is quite a chatty little fairy.  She was quite entertaining and had both the kids laughing, then for the photo she suggested they get their wings ready.  Zane got his ready with a dramatic swoosh, resulting in much laughter from the crowd, and Tinkerbelle told him she thought he might have done this before! (Yep, a few times!!)

My fairies

It was already lunchtime so we went into the Royal Banquet Hall , resplendent with pictures of Disney films and statues of the princess and their princes.  The kids oohed and ahhed over these – Lily particularly over the Beast.  After lunch it was time to enjoy some rides!!  Lily couldn’t wait to go on the Flying Dumbos so this was our first stop, she says this was her favourite ride. Next stop a lovely ride for us all on the beautiful carousel.

With the parade due to start within 45 minutes we made our way back to Main Street to find a good viewing spot, going via Fantasy Gardens where we greeted Goofy & Pluto!! We settled into a spot half way along the parade route.  It was so hot waiting, we took turns ducking into the shops to enjoy the aircon! Zane amused himself by doing a little dance in Main Street. 

The music began and the most beautiful floats made their way down main street.  Dumbo led the way, followed by a band and marching girls in fabulous costumes!  Mickey Mouse and all his gang were next, Winnie the Pooh and co, along with guys on stilts in Tigger costumes and girls dressed as honey bees performing acrobatics! 

Two pairs of the most beautifully dressed couples lead the way in front of the princesses float and the parade stopped while all the cast kept everyone entertained! One of the beautiful ladies came and grabbed Zane & Lily and took them into a circle with a group of girls dressed in princesses costumes and they all got to dance in the parade! So glad Murray was filming the parade!  They were both so excited to be a part of it!

Once the floats were moving again we saw the princess, Lily’s favourite Belle blew her a kiss, but she wasn’t watching and thought she didn’t see her, once again happy to have it filmed so she could see it!  The Lion King float was next, Tinkerbelle in a float and her fairies all riding lady beetles, Lilo & Stitch and a bevvy of hawaain dancers and finally Buzz Lightyear complete with all characters, even the soldiers! Jessie & Woody walked alongside and Zane was super happy to get a high five from Jessie. 
It was a fabulous parade!


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  1. Wow!! What an awesome day Fiona!! The kids will remember that for a very long time & what about the scrapping material you now have!!!