Friday, September 30, 2011

Hong Kong Day 3 - Disneyland (Part 2)

Following on from after the parade, we headed back to Fantasyland where we had to have a couple of rides on the teacups, both Zane and Lily loved riding in these! 

We were about to explore the far corner of Fantasyland when we spied Sleeping Beauty and made a beeline to her, this is who Zane was dying to see! She was there with Prince Phillip and there was no line up so they got to spend a bit of time with them.  Zane was absolutely speechless, he didn’t say a word, just stared at Sleeping Beauty for ages. They thought he was shy, when he was just completely in awe!  Then he did the cutest princely pose for the photo., without prompting.

We had a look around for more princesses, it was super important that we find Belle! Cathy discovered that they would be out about 5.30 so we went and watched the Golden Mickeys in Storybook theatre, which was a show about Disney films and characters, including Beauty & the Beast, where unfortunately the beast turned into a prince, much to Lily’s dismay – she would be happy if the beast stayed a beast forever!  Once it finished Cathy bolted out to go and line up for the princesses.

Rounding the corner on the way to fantasy gardens we saw her! Belle. Cathy had spotted her and was lined up so Lily and Zane quickly joined her. When it was their turn Lily ran straight up to her and have her the biggest hug…that just kept going. We had to call her name to get her to let go and have her photo taken,  she was so happy to have met her!  When she left she have her another huge hug, so cute.


There were other princesses around but the lines had grown somewhat and we hadn’t even been to Tomorrowland yet!  This is where our parenting skills took a bit of a dive and we thought it would be a great idea to introduce the kids to the world of rollercoasters by taking them on Space Mountain!! Neither Murray or I had too much idea about this ride, except knowing it didn’t go upside down, so that would be okay surely? Both were over the height recommendation…WRONG!
This is the blurb from the guide which I have only just read: Take a thrilling high-speed journey to the far reaches of the univers with ghoulish monstrosities and scary apparitions on this fast and furious roller coaster. Around every  treacherous bend, TERROR awaits.
Uh oh.  Zane wanted to ride with Cathy and Lily with Calle, so Murray and I were on together and sitting behind them. Not much into the ride and Murray is laughing insanely because he realises this is gonna scare them to bits! It was pitch black and the ride was fast and jerky. Zane had no concept of leaning with the ride and was flopping about and asked no one in particular “Are you trying to kill me?” Calle spent the ride saying  “I am sorry” over and over to Lily while holding onto her. I foolishly decided to reach out and touch her head with my hand – yes she told me she thought it was a monster!!  Surprisingly, Zane decided to go on it again, but he closed his eyes the whole way. Lily chose to go on the Orbitron – kids flying saucers instead.
Next up was the wet play area in UFO Zone where everyone enjoyed cooling off a little.

We were running out of time by this stage though so had to decide between the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters or the electric cars  in Autopia – Buzz one as the line up for the cars was amazingly long. Lily chickened out at the sight of Zurg and I think she wasn’t up for another ride in the dark after Space Mountain! Zane loved shooting Zurg, and I am pretty sure Murray did too – they both went on a second time, as there was no line. 

We exited the shop attached to the ride to find the heavens had opened up  so we dashed to the closest food court, the Starliner Diner and Cathy & Calle watched the kids while Murray and I headed to the Disney Store to buy some gifts, including a toy they chose each – a Rapunzel Doll for Zane, and a Minnie Mouse soft toy for Lily.  After meeting back up we all finished up our dinner, stepped outside and the weather cleared up miraculously,  just in time for the magically wonderful  Disney in the Stars Fireworks!!  It was fabulous and the kids loved the illuminated castle with its lovely changing colours. 
Then it was all over and time to get back on the Mickey Mouse train to take us back home. We didn’t get to do everything but we had the absolute best time at Disneyland!


  1. Wow Fiona what an awesome trip!!! Love all your photos!!

    Sheree xx

  2. What a fantastic trip and your pics are stunning Fiona! I can see some fab layouts coming up in the near future! :)

  3. Amazing photos. U will have so many pics to scrap LOL!! Ur little girls face is so familiar- I am sure I have seen her on the front of SBM?? If so congrats on the cover it was such a cute LO!!