Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bossy Little Thing!

Lily is usually a sweetie, but she has her moments, more so now as she is getting bored and ready for school next year. I like to scrap the good and the bad. This is actually an older photo of her, she pulls this face a bit more now unfortunately, but she is generally quite sweet natured, so hopefully it is just a phase at the moment!

Hopefully someone likes my page, as Miss Lily is VERY unimpressed with it - haha! I am quickly posting while she is enjoying PlaySchool. I am doing a much nicer one of her now so she will be happy.



  1. Bahahaha! She not going to like it even more when she gets older!!! And I agree, you have to do the good and the bad... You are documenting their lives ;)

    Gorgeous layout honey xxxxx

  2. LOL! Well I like the page Fiona, it's gorgeous actually & I love that photo of Lily... she still looks very cute :-)

  3. LOL We all have our moments don't we? Love your page! Those papers are gorgeous and that pic is a classic!

    Sheree xx

  4. OMG, this is so cute!! I just love that bossy little face but yeah I know all about it. I have a bossy little Miss too ;0)
    I love the pp u've used - gorgeous layout!

  5. It's gorgeous Fiona, even with the bossy face. Love it! :)

  6. oh my gosh those curls of hers get me every time! She is such a gorgeous thing even with that look on her face!

    LOVE your page too Fiona :) :) :).