Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hong Kong Day 4 - Ocean Park

Another day and another theme park! This time we were off to Ocean Park, just the four of us as our lovely hosts had to work.  We made our way to the bus depot, got our tickets and then hopped onto the bus and held on tight – gee they get so close to each other and we were sitting up the top. Scary stuff!!  Thankfully it was only a short trip and we arrived safely.
Once inside the kids spotted Swift the Dolphin, one of Ocean Parks mascots, they made a beeline to him to get a photo, and then posed for several pics with various animal statues.

We headed to the lagoon with its geysers shooting high into the air. Quite pretty, but the kids had done it on the photos already! Ocean Park is divided into 2 sections on either side of a mountain. We decided to head to the far side first, The Summit, to see the dolphin show, so we hopped onto the cable cars. These ones were a bit freaky as they bumped along over the supports and the drop was quite steep!

We had a bit of time so we decided to take the kids on The Rapids ride, but when we got there it had a height restriction which meant Lily couldn’t go on – even though she went on the one at the Gold Coast when she was only 3 – no idea what the restriction was for on this one? Instead she had to console herself with the water pistols and shoot water at Murray and Zane as they went by.

After that we made our way to the Ocean Theatre to see the seals & dolphins perform in the Sea Dreams show. The dolphins and seals were pretty clever and it was an enjoyable show.

Next stop was to check out some rides, both kids had been eyeing off the Ferris Wheel so we headed there first and it was a short wait to get on. The kids enjoyed it, but I wasn’t so keen on Lily repeatedly trying to stand up when she was close to the door!

Wandering around we found the Flying Swing and Zane and I had a turn on these. Zane loved the feeling of flying and wanted to go on it again, but Lily was a bit over missing out on rides due to height restrictions that we thought it would be best to head back over to the other side of the park and find some rides she could go on.
Before we got back on the rickety cable cars we stopped in to see the amazing Jellyfish Spectacular, this was fabulous, lots of glowing jellyfish to see and we all thought it lived up to its name, it was pretty spectacular!

The cable cars didn’t seem as scary the second time J Back over in the section called The Waterfront, we headed to the Sea Life Carousel, Zane had to ride a shark and Lily wanted a dolphin – thankfully they both found the ones they wanted and were both so happy.

From here we made our way into Whiskers Harbour which was a kiddie area with lots of little rides, a jumping castle and a playground area too. We had some lunch and the kids had a play in the playground and on the jumping castle while we had a rest. The best bit about the kids’ area was there was no one there! Hardly any families with littler kids were around so we virtually had the place to ourselves and the kids got to go on heaps of rides over and over again! The Merry go round, the Clown Around and the Frog Hopper got the most repeat visits, they also had turns on the mini Ferris wheel and the Loco trains. They loved it!

Now it was time to check out the main aquarium! We made our way out of Whiskers Harbour and Zane spotted a Shark! It was one of the Park Mascots.  He ran straight up to it and had the biggest grin. It wasn’t till I was checking the photos later on that I realised the Shark was eating Zane LOL!

We got to the Grand Aquarium and there were quite a few people in there! It was busy and I was annoyed at the amount of people using their flash on their cameras despite numerous signs and announcements in English and Cantonese! The kids got to check out some pretty coral, seahorses and giant crabs but were more interested in the bigger fish – like sharks! Though once they had a quick look they were over it and were more interested in playing.

Once outside we sat down by the Lagoon to have a rest.  I got a nice photo of the two of them this time, but I was not the only one.

As usual people wanted to take Lily’s photo and quite often Zane’s as well. This happened a few times throughout the day, we always checked to make sure she was okay, even though she would go straight into pose mode!! This time though it was a bit crazy, there were a heap of people. I decided to quickly take a photo of them taking pics of the kids. Murray was there of course, but he  got moved out of the way apparently. It was all over pretty quick and neither Lily nor Zane said anything even though we checked again…
So onto the Pandas we went. Lily was so excited, she declared she loved Pandas! There was only one out in the main enclosure of the Giant Panda exhibit. The others must have been resting. Outside there was a large panda statue which Lily couldn’t wait to snuggle into.

We decided to try the Panda Village to see if we could spot some more Pandas. We had to go past the Mascot Meet & Greet area again and this time we met a friendly Gator! 

And then we came to the Gator Marsh and met a not so friendly one! Zane couldn’t decide if it was real or not – and we didn’t really help at first!

The Panda Village was next to the Gator Marsh and was a quiet area, so this really tested Zane. We spotted two  Pandas here; one was laying on a platform up a tree and was hard to see. Lily spotted a really cute one poking his head through the rocks though.

We exited the panda village into goldfish treasures, with cute little ponds of fish and turtles as well as wishing walls with the idea to write a wish about looking after nature  or something similar. Anyway the kids made a wish, pretty sure Zane’s was for toys,  as that is his usual type of wish, but Lily’s was a bit sad. I asked what she wished and she replied “ I don’t want anyone to touch me” then “I don’t know why everyone wants to take my photo all the time” Aww my poor baby! Of course they won’t anymore! I think that last group really did it as before that it had been one or two people not a crowd like that.

More rides were needed so we went back to Whiskers Harbour and the kids had a heap more rides, still with no one else really there. They declared the Frog Hopper their favourite ride with the Carousel and Clown Around bugs up there as well according to Lily.  We left there and greeted another Mascot, this one was the funniest one and the kids had a ball playing with him!

It was getting pretty late by this stage and the kids had been pretty good for the most part - despite Lily asking Murray and I “Why do you both make my life so hard?” when we were trying to get her to choose something to eat!  We decided to head home via picking out a souvenir for each of them. Lily chose a walking Panda because she loved the Pandas so much, and Zane loved the Sharks best of all so got a pack of sea creatures.  



  1. I'm really enjoying reading all about your fantastic trip Fiona!! I tried to comment yesterday but blogger didn't want to co-operate ;( Love all your awesome photos too and I can't wait to see how you will scrap all your wonderful memories!

  2. Another fabulous day Fiona!! except maybe that last big group of photographers hey? That park looks amazing!!

  3. More fantastic memories of your trip! I've loved reading about it :).

    I've had problems with commenting on some blogs so I haven't been able to leave some loving but it looks like it's all fixed now :).