Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday Zane!

Yesterday my handsome little man turned 6! We celebrated with parties both days of the weekend, McDonalds for dinner last night and cupcakes today for school!! Phew exhausting stuff!

Here he is on Saurday before his first party which was for all the boys from his class, we had it at a play centre and they spent the majority of the time running around and we barely saw them!

Sunday we had the family over, and I made a Smurf Mushroom house for him, complete with super hard to find Smurfs!! 

And one of the 4 of us:

Sunday was very hot and threatened to storm and rain which is standard for us having a party at home, but it held off so all the kids went swimming. Zane got a cool whale pool toy from his cousins:

He was thoroughly spoilt by everyone, received fabulous presents and had a great weekend!! 

Monday he got the last of his presents, and his favourite present his 3DS with smurf game of course!!


We ended the birthday celebrations with a trip to McDonalds for dinner - the birthday boys pick of course! Some of his cousins came to celebrate too - 2 out of 5 smiling isn't too bad??? Ha!

Happy Birthday Zane!  Can't believe you are now six years old!



  1. Happy Birthday Zane!!! sounds like he had an awesome weekend and well done with the fabulous smurfs cake Fiona :) it looks delicious!

  2. Happy Birthday Zane! Fiona that smurf cake is fantastic!!! You clever thing!

    Sheree xx

  3. he looks like a very happy little boy Fiona! Fabulous cake too!!

  4. A belated happy birthday to your boy. That cake looks awesome!!!!!!!

    Looks like it was alot of fun for everyone :).

  5. Fiona this is my first time in here and I love everything I saw your smurf cake is gorgeus!!!!
    I wish a wonderful week.
    Kisses and huges from Brazil

  6. That’s a lovely family picture! We also have one and we clicked it on my daughter’s birthday that we celebrated in one of the finest venues in Chicago. Anyways, it was great going through this post, your kids are adorable. Happy birthday to him and God bless!