Sunday, March 4, 2012

Why did the Cow cross the Road?

A quick share of a page I did recently, after Miss Lily told me a joke which she found absolutely hysterical! As soon as she told it and it was a funny moment, I immediately thought of a scrapbook page - like some crazy scrapbooker would, right?

The joke was "Why did the cow cross the road?"
"A Chicken!"

Hysterical apparently. We think the joke is meant to be "Why didn't the cow cross the road? Because he was a chicken"; but Lily's version was pretty cute!! And I got to use up some old stash too boot!



  1. LOL! How cute!! and your page is fabulous too Fiona :-)

  2. LOL! I love this!!! So fun and bright - gorgeous work!!! :D

  3. hehehe, so cute. it's great to document these little stories. Lovely layout Fiona. :)

  4. Super sweet. I'm sure when you are her age it is hysterical!!!
    A great moment to document. Cheers Di xo

  5. Hehe that's so sweet :) Really cute page and loving how you've used the fuzzy felt jotters!
    Aga xx

  6. Lol! That's very cute Fiona! Kids say the funniest things! Gorgeous page!