Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cover Boy!

Last Friday we had been enjoying our school holidays and having a fun morning of bowling then we popped into the local shopping centre for some lunch. I ducked into the newsagent with the kids and let out a cry of surprise when I discovered this months Scrapbook Creations magazine with my boy on the cover!!! So very exciting and such a lovely surprise! 

Here he is holding his issue:

Last year it had been Lily's turn to grace the cover of Scrapbooking Memories in this post here
Feeling very lucky to have had each of my kids have a turn at being on the cover of mags!!



  1. woot woot! well done honey.. He looks a bit chuffed LOL
    D xx

  2. This really did make me smile, He must have been so excited to see his pic on the front cover. My little fella was super excited just to have a pic of him in a magazine. Congrats well done!!