Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Do or Die Final Layouts

Just popping in with my last few layouts for the Do or Die challenge that was on over at a few weeks ago. I managed to make it to the end, but didn't get my layout in on the final magic number to win.

There were 8 rounds all up, my favourite layout I have been lucky enough to have picked up for publication so here are the last 4:

Finishing off some photos from 2011 Halloween with this layout, love the spider web flocked transparency. They are both just Frightfully Adorable.

Lily last summer with the water pistol, she looks dangerous haha!! Ready, Aim, Fire!

Lily in her beautiful dance costume for Fairy Ballet last year, they performed Swan Lake, they were so very cute. Unfortunately she isn't doing ballet this year, just jazz and tap (which at this concert time of the year is a good thing).

And another Halloween one, just got them scrapped in time before this one came around! Lily HAD to be an Angel and refused to be anything else, especially nothing scary which is what I based my title You Must be an Angel on.  (This year she was much scarier!!)

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  1. Beautiful work Fiona! Congrats on the layout pick up :).

  2. Fantastic layouts, the halloween one!

  3. Beautiful layouts!! Love the halloween one and the water gun, such lovely photos :)

  4. Beautiful layouts!!! Fabulous work. xo