Saturday, May 4, 2013

Circle Love

Hi everyone

Happy National Scrapbooking Day! I did get a chance to scrap today, but nothing I can show just yet, but I have a few recently scrapped that I have only just photographed to share. 

Not sure what it is about circles exactly but I'm always attracted to a page that features circles. Today I have two layouts that feature circles. 

My first layout is Little Miss Chatterbox. I found these very cute photos of Lily having a lovely little chat on the toy phone from the cubby house. These are obviously a few years old now but only recently discovered like the ones in last post. I love going back over older photos. 

I've even uncovered the sewing machine for this one!!

My second layout has been sitting kitted up for so long I can't even remember when I did it. For crop days I usually sort through some photos and match up some papers and then pop them into bag, occasionally with some embellishments with the plan that I will scrap them on the day. But I also print out new photos and then like to spend time shopping and matching up my new fresh photos with lovely new papers. The result is some of these "kits" sit in my trolley for months and months....

Anyway the other day I did a clean up and decided I really needed to get this page done once and for all. The photos are from 2010!! The paper is probably that old as welL... but it's got some recent 2crafty chipboard and felt stars from ScrAp this!  

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  1. Love both layouts but epecially the Little Miss Chatterbox.

  2. Beautiful as always Fiona! Love both your layouts! xx