Monday, July 22, 2013

July Crop Day Layouts

Hello everyone

Been a few weeks since I have posted! Today I am sharing some layouts I did at my monthly crop day a few weeks ago. I wasn't 100% that day, and a few days later ended up in hospital with pneumonia/flu for a week! Not fun and haven't done much scrapping since then either, but at least now I am feeling over it and much better.

These layouts are all just because ones:

First up Happy Days. Just for fun photos we took one day when the kids were playing out the front. I wanted one in particular of Zane, which I got then they both ended up laying on the driveway and I got these cute pics. 

Next layout is one of their dancing photos from last year. Zane only did dancing for a few months and sadly they didn't offer the class this year, as he really enjoyed it. Lily is having this year off from dancing too. 

And my final share, an older photo of Zane - I'm always going back over past photos for some inspiration - photos I probably wouldn't of scrapped then I scrap now. This one inspired me to tell the story of how good he is with fruit & vegetables - something I can't say about his sister!!

Thanks for visiting and sorry for my absence to those whose blogs I normally visit!



  1. I love in the 'Happy Days' layout that you have switched who is at the bottom of the photo. Great pages!

  2. Gosh I didn't know you were so sick and in glad that youre feeling much better now Fiona :)
    Great fun colourful layouts!