Friday, April 27, 2018

Simple Stories Bliss

Hi Everyone

Catching up with my latest two layouts created for All About Scrapbooks. I used the Simple Stories Bliss collection (avail here) for this - it was just perfect for these photos by brother in law took. 

Happy Little Moments

and Lovely

Photos by Little Gallery Photography in Deception Bay Queensland, you can check them out here

Both my layouts are over at All About Scrapbooks blog here and here

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  1. (sorry, I leave my message as a comment because I didn't find contact form on your blog, hoping you'll see it soon.
    Please answer directly to my email address elise.amann(at)

    Hello !
    I'm writting an article for the issue 81 of the french magazine called "Passion scrapbooking".
    The subject is music.
    I wish to show your creation (seen here : within this article.
    Would you agree with that ?
    If yes, could you please send me as soon as possible a high resolution photos of it ?
    (If you have other scrapbooking layout about the music theme, don't hesitate to send photos of them too !)
    Of course, your name or pen name if you want will appear next to the image, and the address of your blog will be in the address book.
    Thank you in advance for your quick answer, even if it is negative, so that I can get organized (I have to give my paper very soon, in fact, it should already be finished !).
    Best Regards,
    Elise AMANN